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Our Vision For


Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, is a Hindu Activist, born in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. She is known for her patriotism and nationalism, including this, she is a tough leader even during her college days. During her college days, she enrolled herself in ‘Akhil Bhartiya Vidyathi Parishad (ABVP), a student wing of RSS and was an active member even during college days.

In the year 2008, there were simultaneous bomb blast in Gujarat and Maharastra and total of 8 civilians were killed in the bomb blast. As a result of this, Pragya and other two members were arrested on charges of her involvement with the bombing, by Maharastra Anti-Terrorist Squad. Even though, there were no clear evidence for this, ATS members arrested her, with the link that the bike used for bomb blast was registered in her name. However, she has stated that, she has sold the bike prior 4 years. It has been reported that, she was beaten and tortured inside the cell. Currently, she is suffering from cancer and has also been released with the bail bond of INR 5 lakhs.


Our perspectives for rebound determination of purity, cleanliness and holiness of Vishwamitri river: Via immediate impact of stopping the drainage lines and waste that came out from suvage pumping lines that were added to vishwamitri river by VMSS(Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan) and move it to any other direction.

Benefits of these:

  • Nuisance of mosquitoes will be no more.
  • Stink which is coming out from Vishwamitri river will be stopped and it will prevent air pollution and water pollution.
  • The flood risk will be reduced via making the river channel broad and removing the waste of drainage immediately.
  • After purifying the alluvial clay of Ajwa lake, Pratap lake, Bhukhi river and the rain water lines, that will be moved towards the Vishwamitri river. Accordingly build a Check Dams in every 1 km, in result which the water will be stored for the whole year.
  • All weather fruits will be received via planting the Ayurvedic plants in every 500 meters.
  • Via placing iron grids systematically, the Crocodile Park about 2 km will be developed near by Vadodara or in the open area of Vadodara. In result of that the risk of crocodile will be removed from the city area and citizens can enjoy the river shore.
  • Navnath Mahadev temples and the river bank will be developed as a picnic spot during 31 km of the Vishwamitri river stream.
  • Duress by the organizations or people on all the Vishwamitri river ovaras will be open and it should be developed as picnic spot via planting.

OM is indescribable & beyond all form.

OM is the first word at the origin of universe. OM is outset & eternal. OM itself is lord SHIVA.

Register yourself with us and Join us for next " Navnath Kavad Yatra " on 26th August 2019.


Navnath Mahadev is situated in all over Vadodara and Navnath mahadev is known as the saviour of Vadodara because they saved Vadodara from heavey floods, earthquakes and terrorist activities and many more.