VADODARA: The first ever 'Kavad Yatra' in the city will be held on August 25. The procession will travel across Navnath - the nine temples of Lord Shiva in the town.

'Kavad Yatras' a processions organised during the holy Hindu month of Shravan. Persons called 'Kavadiyas' carry water from holy water bodies in pots tied on two ends of sticks called Kavads. The water is then offered on Shivalingas at temples.

The city has nine Shiva temples that are collected called as the Navnath. While these are believed to be the protectors of the city, there are few who have visited all of them. In an attempt to ensure that people visit these temples and awareness is created about them, a Navnath Mahadev Kavad Yatra Samiti was formed recently.

Advocate Niraj Jain from the organisation said that August 25 marked the last Monday of the Shravan month. He added that the Kavadias would visit Siddhnath, Ramnath, Thekarnath, Motnath, Kamnath, Bhimnath, Kashivishveshvar, Jagnath and Kotnath temples. A grand 'aarti' will also be held in the presence of prominent leaders and citizens of the city at the culmination of the procession.