The name itself explains everything here. This temple is located at the place where Rishi Vishwamitra was performing his penance and during his ongoing penance, Menaka distracted him and his penance was broken. This location is on the shore of River Vishwamitra and hence, there appears to be a glorious shore of around 300 mts beside it.

Also, according to some sources, three out of the total seven Akhaadas are located here which include Akhil Bhartiya Digambar Akhaada, Udaasi Akhaada and Shri Shambhu Atalpanch Akhaada. Lord Ganesh is considered as the Guru of these.According to stories, there used to be the Smashan of "Giri" and "Puri" community's Sadhus. It was considered as one of the most auspicious Ghat during old days.

But unluckily, due to improper clealiness maintenance by Vadodara Municipal Corporation, since last many years, this ghat has been polluted because of garbage and other unwanted stuff. Navnath Mahadev Kavadyatra committee is currently undertaking this task of making it clean and memorable once again.