Rs 300 crore Vishwamitri cleaning and riverfront development project in Vadodara has been kicked off. River Vishwamitri passes through the city of Vadodara. More than 28 km long river Vishwamitri’s aerial videography was carried out this week to start the project.

The project will be implemented in three phases. In first phase, 4500 slum dwellers will be relocated in pucca houses. This task will be sponsored by the Central and the state government funded Nurm scheme. Vadodara Municipal Corporation has sent a proposal in regard to this to the centre.

In second phase, the state government sponsored Flood Control Management Project will be implemented. In third phase the riverfront development project will be implemented. Private designers and the Institute of Engineers have already prepared and submitted outlines of the Riverfront project to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

The riverfront project will include a jogging park, food court, mini sport stadium, organized parking, malls, crocodile park, boating, a checkdam and beautiful trees. Riverfront will be instrumental to solve vehicle parking problem that exists on Bhimnath bridhe to Kamatibag patch.